Ocean Preferred Products – now available near you!

Ocean Preferred Product signage

West Maui Kumuwai is pleased to announce that its Ocean Partners Program is in full swing! The aim of this program is to promote the sale and use of “Ocean Preferred” products: fertilizers and pesticides that have been identified as less harmful to the marine environment, and in turn reduce the amount of runoff containing potentially harmful chemicals that makes its way into the ocean.

As of Nov. 1, WMK’s retail partners, Lahaina Ace Hardware and Hawaii Grower Products – a horticulture products supply store in Kahului – have helped take the guesswork out of choosing Ocean Preferred yard care products. These retail partners have made identifying and purchasing Ocean Preferred products easier by providing customer support and in-store signage when it’s needed most – when customers are scanning the shelves deciding what products to buy. WMK has provided these stores with an eye-catching sign prompting customers to “look for the Ocean Preferred sticker,” which can be found directly on Ocean Preferred products or on the shelf next to the product tag.  Keep an eye out for these products and spread the word to shop Ocean Preferred!



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