Be an At Home Clean Water Hero

There are plenty of things you can do at home to make a difference in the quality of our water!

Can you spot the 14 pollutant sources in the neighborhood photo above?  Learn how to stop them here.

Here are some recommendations from the County of Honolulu:


Don’t Be An Oil Drip-Identify and fix oil leaks on your vehicles; purchase used oil change box, soak up spilled oil and dispose appropriately

No Phos-For-Us-Phosphates are commonly found in cleaners and increase nutrient loads to streams. Use plain water or cleansers sparingly.


Cover Up-Prevent soil and debris from leaving your property

Read The Label-Use only the amount needed of pesticides and fertilizers; keep household cleaning products from becoming hazardous waste

Yard Care-Gather grass and tree cuttings and dispose as green waste; compost your yard Trimmings

Scoop Poop-Remove and dispose of pet waste before you leave an area


Keep It Clean-Keep sidewalks, curbs and gutters in front of your property clean

Get Involved-Mark storm drains with the message, “No Dumping, Drains to Ocean”, participate in Adopt-A-Stream, Adopt-A-Block cleanups, join a committee dedicated to healthy water

Do It Right-Use water based paint and be sure wash water doesn’t go down the storm drain. Dispose of leftover paint properly.


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